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Triva Tournament with Kenlei
Triva Tournament with Kenlei Community
Triva Tournament with Kenlei 263 Mill St, Eugene, OR 97405, USA

This event is scheduled between : 05/23/2023, 6:00 pm to 06/13/2023, 8:30 pm

Every (Day/Date) - Around the Clock


Nerds, brews, and a 90s baby ready to challenge your synapses!

Free to play. No registration required.

Weekly Prizes: $10, $15, and $25 gift cards to Coldfire to the top three teams each week. 

Tournament Prizes: teams with the highest cumulative totals over the 4-week tournament will be able to take home large gift cards to Coldfire Brewing, Local Food Trucks, and more!

Team Rules: any team made up of more than six people will not be eligible for first place but are welcome to join. Teams contending for first place can participate with more than six players in the tournament if no more than six are at any individual game. Teams must keep consistent names to track who is participating in the tournament and who is just playing for the week.


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